Multiplayer Beta Progress

There have been lots of changes so far for multiplayer games. Besides various minor bug fixes and improvements, I've implemented several new features:

  1. Chat - I just added that today, so there are likely to be issues. For now, the chat log isn't saved, so if you refresh the page, you won't be able to see any old messages. Eventually I'll keep the last 10 or so messages available so you can see what you missed.
  2. Email invitations - Put in your friend's email address and send them the link (and password) to join your game.
  3. Joining a game should be much easier if you're not already signed in - After you sign in, you should be taken back to the "join game" page. If you haven't created a profile yet, you'll have to do that first.
  4. New option to disable the extension - It doesn't actually run on the multiplayer version yet, but once it's out of beta, you'll be able to disable the extension. About a week ago, was down and it broke the game for people using the extension. I fixed the bug that kept it from working at all, but you'll still have a delay if there's a problem. Now you can disable the extension from the options panel if there's a problem.

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