About Me

Hi there! I'm Matthew Crumley, a 32-year-old single guy living in Seminole, Florida. By day I'm a software developer, and by night, I'm a software developer and hockey fan. You can check out some of the things I've built for fun on the projects page. Or, you can go directly to my GitHub profile, where a lot of the code lives.

I'm currently working for a company called Vology. We provide IT solutions ranging from new and used networking equipment and servers, to professional and managed services. My official job title is "E-Commerce Developer" but I mostly do ServiceNow administration and development now, as we shift to focusing more on services instead of hardware sales.

Why silentmatt.com?

I got the nickname "Silent Matt" at one of my old jobs where there were two Matthews. I don’t talk much, so I became “Silent Matt”, and the other one was “Phat Matt” or just Matt.

Contact Me

You can reach me at "email at matthewcrumley.com". If you know me, you can also leave a message on Facebook or Google+. Sorry, I'm not cool enough to use Twitter or Instgram, but you're free to limit yourself to 140 characters if you're into that kind of thing.