More Progress

Multiplayer is still in beta, but I've moved it to the main site, so everyone gets the other improvements. I think I'm pretty close to removing the "beta" label, but I want to get some more games in just to make sure everything works correctly. So find some friends to play with! As always, I welcome any feedback, criticism, questions, ideas, etc.

Here are some of the improvements since last time:

  • Retry score submissions. Once in awhile, checking for a high score or submitting your score (to the high score list or just for statistical purposes) will fail. Now, instead of just losing that game to the ether, you can retry it!
  • Multiplayer games should work for more than two hours. The connection between you and the other players expires after a while so it doesn't tie up server resources forever. When it expires the game should reconnect automatically.
  • Minor bug fixes. Along the way, some of the changes broke some features of the mobile version. It should be back to normal now. There was also a bug where the game would never end if the last player left the game on their turn.

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