New Yahtzee Version

I've had a lot of fun working on the new Yahtzee version, and it's finally at a point where I feel like it's ready to leave the beta stage and completely replace the old one. If you haven't paid attention to the blog (let's be honest here; you haven't), here's what's new:

  • New design. Since it's running on a different subdomain (and completely different back end... see below) and the old version never really looked right stuffed into my website's layout, I decided to start over with a new look. To me at least, it looks much nicer.

  • Personal statistics. I've been keeping track of (almost) every game played in the current version and generating charts and averages, but I've always wondered how I compared to everyone else. If you have too, you can now sign in with either a Google account or OpenID. You'll be able to see your own average score and histograms.

  • Bug fixes. I've finally fixed some small bugs and annoyances that have been bugging me for awhile and I've been meaning to get around to.

  • Completely new back-end code. I've completely rewritten the server-side part of the game on Google's App Engine in JavaScript (yes, you read that right). Specifically, I'm using the RingoJS framework and AppengineJS running on Rhino. Why? The whole reason for writing the game in the first place was the play around with JavaScript, so I decided to extend that to the server-side portion of the code, and so far it's been a lot of fun.

Just because it's not in beta anymore, doesn't mean there won't still be issues, so if you find anything, be sure to let me know (there's a feedback link at the bottom of the page). I'm also still working on some new features and improvements for the future.

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