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How BigIntegers Work, part 2: Multiplication

In the last post, I gave an overview of how BigIntegers are stored and how addition and subtraction work. Now it's time to move up the hyperoperation sequence and and discuss multiplication. Simple Multiplication Probably the simplest way to think about multiplication is repeated addition. In other words, 4*5 = 5+5+5+5. Using that definition, it would be

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How BigIntegers Work, part 1: Storage, Addition, and Subtraction

The Chrome Scientific Calculator supports "approximate" and "exact" numbers. As a slightly simplified explanation, approximate numbers are represented by native JavaScript floating point numbers. Exact integers are represented by an arbitrary-precision BigInteger class (rational numbers have two BigIntegers for the numerator and denominator). So how do you do math on arbitrarily large integers in a language

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Chrome Calculator

About a month ago I published a scientific calculator app to the Chrome Web Store (and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it). I was thinking about Chromebooks one day, and realized there was no way I could use one without a good scientific calculator. So I checked the Web Store, and didn't like any of the existing

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